Ummm hi! It’s your neighborhood real estate agent jumping in to remind you that the little blue home estimate that Zillow gives you isn’t accurate.

🚩 Zillow has even come out and said that their Zestimates aren’t correct. 🚩

Zillow uses algorithms to determine your house price. It looks at all the local market activity and house specifications to come up with a number that your house may (or may not) be worth.

This means that if a nearby house for sale is WAYYYY overpriced, the algorithms show you a higher number than YOUR home is actually worth.

If a nearby house sells for really low, it could show you a lower home value on YOUR home.

Zillow also doesn’t know about…

✔ the kitchen you just renovated

✔ the neighbor with the really tacky décor & 5 trucks in the grass

✔ the grocery store & entertainment district being within walking distance

✔ the police tape on the front door of a house 2 doors down

All that to say, Zillow really can’t tell you what your home would sell for in this market.

But do you know who would?


Want to see how much your home is worth? All you have to do is send me a message!