What to Look for in a New School System


If you have kids, you definitely want to be looking for a new home that is located in a great school district, right? Well, even if you don’t have children, looking for a home in a great school district (or one that is up-and-coming) may be a wise choice.

You see, a home in a good school district is likely to maintain and/or increase in value. This means you likely won’t lose money when it’s time to sell.

Not sure what to look for in a school district? Here’s a couple things to pay attention to…

🏫 Standardized test scores

🏫 Graduation rate

🏫 Rate of students attending college or university

🏫 Awards & certifications

🏫 Teacher retention

🏫 Student-to-teacher ratio

🏫 Specialized programs

Real estate really is all about location, location, location. A good school district often means the neighborhood is good. Safer neighborhoods? Lots of places to eat? Public amenities? Yes, yes, and yes!

However, if you want to buy in a great school district, you may have more competition and not get as much house for your money.

Now, something that’s important to note here is that your real estate agent (that’s me) can’t always tell you what the best school is, because it can be perceived as discrimination or steering.

What I CAN do is point you in the right direction for objective information available from third-party sources.

So tell me, what school(s) did you attend growing up?