Truck Rentals


⚠ WARNING: Renting a moving truck can be an absolute PITA! ⚠ Allow me to give you the scoop…

You schedule a rental truck online for the date and time you’re going to move. Heck, the website even lets you choose where you get to pick it up from, right?

❌ WRONG! ❌

All that information is just your preferences. You may or may not get that date, time, pickup location.

Moving companies will use their algorithms to figure out how close they can get you to the “specs” you want.

Maybe you get the date and time you want but the pickup location is 20 miles away.

Perhaps you get the pick location and date but the pickup time is 7 hours after the movers arrive. 🤦‍♀️

And as an added plot twist, these moving rental companies often won’t confirm your rental until 24-48 hours before you’re supposed to go pick up the truck.

(Let’s just say this is one of the reasons why I like just hiring a professional moving company.)

All this to say, when renting a moving truck, be prepared for something to go sideways.

Now before I start sounding like Negative Nancy over here, let me give you a few solutions.

1️⃣ Just hire a moving company that has their own trucks. (My favorite!)

2️⃣ Some companies don’t have a cancellation fee. It may be worth scheduling 2 different sizes of moving trucks (or trucks from different companies) for the same day, time, & location to double your odds of getting a truck when and where you want it.

3️⃣ Schedule your moving truck as far in advance as possible.

Do you have a moving nightmare story to share? If you do, I wanna hear it!