Transition Food


Can I let you in on a little secret? I know you’re all about eating healthy and homecooked meals. However, at some point, you have to actually pack up your kitchen stuff. Your pots and pans. Your plates and bowls. Your forks and knives and glasses.

And now you have nothing to cook or eat with…

…but yet you have another few days before you move into your new home and have time to pack.

*womp womp*

For better or for worse, this is where all the fast food and restaurant takeout comes in.

Now I bet you don’t want to be eating off the dollar menu at McDonald’s for the next couple of days, right?


You want Subway and Olive Garden and Dominos and the little BBQ joint down the street.

This means that when you’re planning your move and budgeting for moving expenses, you need to a line item for “transition food.”

Once you have that number figured out, go ahead and add an extra $50-200 on top of that.


Because you’re being a little too optimistic about how quickly you can move, unpack your kitchen items, find time to go to the grocery store, and then find the energy to actually cook all that food.

Seriously friend, moving takes more time and energy than you expect so budget accordingly.

And when in doubt, your favorite REALTOR 😉 may just swing by with some pizza to make life a little easier for you…