Tips for Sellers!

If you want to get the best offers and most money for you home, we need to have a reality check.

When you’re selling a home, what YOU see about your home doesn’t matter.
👉 family gatherings at the dining room table
👉 your baby’s first steps in the living room
👉 Netflix binge nights with friends
…and so much more!

Buyers don’t see that.

Buyers do see a well-staged home.
Buyers do see potential for their family to live there.
Buyers do see a blank canvas to design their new lives.

Selling your home can be emotional, but one of the best things you can do is to hold onto the memories and let go of the emotional attachment to the physical house itself.

So let me ask you one question: If you had the option to buy your house exactly as it is in its current condition, would you buy it?