The Details Matter


They say that the devil is in the details, and whether you’re having friends over or potential buyers over, you want your home to look and feel amazing, right?

If you have a few minutes before your next home tour or before your friends arrive, here’s a couple last minute tips and tricks to make your home stand out…

Empty the trash and close the shower curtain ALL the way. Then wipe down AND dry the countertop and faucet. Make sure there’s toilet paper (torn neatly) and soap in the dispenser as well.

Plump the pillows, hide any phone/laptop chargers, turn on all the lights, and open the blinds. Go ahead and remove any of the day’s clutter (mail, backpacks, jackets, etc) while you at it.

Wipe down the counters. Stow away any cleaning supplies (including sponges in the sink). Organize fridge magnets and décor. Hide the trashcan, and finally, make sure all chairs are lined up together.

Psssst… As you go through each room, go ahead and turn on the ceiling fans to increase airflow, even if you’re A/C is already running.

Tell me, what’s one thing you always do before guests come over? Let me know in the comments below.

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