Let’s talk about the darker side of real estate: squatters.

With eviction moratoriums ending, we’re moving into a time where more foreclosures are expected, especially on lower-priced properties.

If you’re looking at investment properties, make sure you read the MLS description and comments. The last thing you want to see is “squatters will not be removed prior to closing.” You also want to be sure to read the fine print about any tenant-occupied properties as well.

If you’re buying a primary residence, make sure the sellers are FULLY moved out by final walk-thru. The last thing you want is for them to turn into squatters and make you homeless.

Courts are behind on pretty much everything that’s not essential. Getting a squatter out of your newly-purchased property is going to be extremely difficult.

So before you buy a property – with or without squatters – make sure you know the local laws on squatters rights laws. It’s probably not what you think!