Selling Tip

Everyone is telling you to invest in real estate, right? “Get a house and turn it into a rental!” That sounds all good and dandy but you’re overwhelmed with buying a new house. You have absolutely no idea if you should sell your current house or just rent it out.

Let’s talk about some of the circumstances you may be in and what’s the best call…

🏠 If you need the money 💰 from selling your home to buy a new one, sell it! Don’t rent it.

🏠 If you’re moving out of the area but want to come back, renting out your house may be a good option.

🏠 If you can charge a rent rate that will cover your mortgage AND you don’t need the profits from selling, renting can be a great option. (Note: don’t forget to take into financial account unexpected repairs and time the house isn’t occupied).

🏠 If managing repairs and maintenance for 2 houses feels overwhelming, sell your house instead of renting it out. This holds true if you don’t like the thought of having to deal with tenants and collecting rent checks each month.

🏠 If you like the idea of making extra profits on selling your house (it is a seller’s market after all), selling could be a great option.

Want some good news? You don’t have to figure this out all on your own. Talk to someone who REALLY knows the local real estate market (aka me). All you have to do is give me a call. I’m here to help.