Seller's Tip

You keep hearing how you should stage your home when you put it on the market. I should look like something out of Southern Living or House & Garden, right?

But here’s the thing, that’s creating an absolutely unrealistic expectation if you’re also living in your home.

Here’s a few of my staging tips for when you’re living in a home that’s on-market…

1️⃣ Put everything you don’t use on a daily or weekly basis in the garage or a storage unit. The less you have in your house, the more open and less cluttered it will feel.

2️⃣ Clean for 15-30 minutes every night. This will help you not have to scramble last minute or do multi-hour cleaning projects.

3️⃣ Do the dishes & laundry as they get dirty. These can pile up fast, so get ahead by washing them as you wear or use them.

4️⃣ As you use it, organize or clean it. In the shower? Clean it. Getting out of bed? Make it up. Cooking? Wipe up spills as they happen. As the dog destroys his new toy, pick up all the fluff!

5️⃣ Spend as much time OUT of the house as possible. Yes, this can be hard, but if you’re not home, you can’t make a mess.

6️⃣ Depersonalize everything. Put up the family photos, the refrigerator “artwork,” the sports paraphernalia… hide it all! I promise, you can put it back on display at your new home. 😉

Tell me, IF you put your home on the market this spring, would you move out first OR live in it while it was on the market? Let me know in the comments!