Seller Question??

Should I just wait to sell my home if prices are continuing to increase?

Sure, you can totally wait to sell your house. I mean, it is YOUR house. You can (mostly) do whatever you want. However, if you want the advice of a real estate pro, if you’ve been considering moving within the next few years, NOW is the time to make that leap of faith.

Here’s the top 2 reasons why…

1 – The price of your future home is also increasing. If you wait to sell your current home to net more money, it also is going to cost you more money to buy a house.

2 – Low interest rates mean buyers are ready to make a move. It can also help offset some of these crazy high home prices (because you are going to have to buy another home, right?).

Wondering about whether or not now is the time to sell? Let’s talk about your real estate goals and create a strategy to get you the most money for your house while also ensuring that you’re able to buy a home you LOVE.