Multiple Offers


Wanna know a secret? Putting in the highest offer doesn’t mean your offer will be accepted.


You heard me right. You see, the finances are just part of a home sale.
There’s more to it than that – including timelines, contingencies, and more!

A buyer may not choose the highest offer IF…
💵 Another buyer presents an all-cash offer
🕰 Another buyer can close ASAP
📖 Another buyer shares their story
🛠 Another buyer has no contingencies

That means when you put in your offer, you need to be thinking about more than just money.

Make your offer competitive when it comes to both finances & terms + conditions.

If figuring out what the perfect offer looks like feels difficult, don’t worry!
That’s why you have me as your real estate agent.

I’ll talk to the listing agent to see what the sellers are looking for and help you put in a strong offer.

That way, you have a better chance of winning if there’s multiple offers!