Moving Trucks


Do you know how DISGUSTING rental moving trucks are?
While rental trucks are *supposed* to be clean, what you *actually* get when you rent a moving truck is another story.

Be prepared to find…
🤢 Used paper towels
🤢 Bug cemeteries
🤢 Dirty latex gloves
🤢 High levels of bacteria
🤢 Nails & screws on the floors

… and that’s just the beginning.

However, you STILL need to move, right? And you can’t just throw everything you own in the back of your mini-van.

So I have a couple recommendations for you…
1️⃣ Sweep out your moving truck before loading it.
2️⃣ Protect items you care about with moving blankets.
3️⃣ Get mattress bags for your mattresses. You can also use BIG plastic wrap.

Once you get all your furniture to the final destination, you can rent or buy a furniture steamer to get rid of all dirt and germs from your old house and the moving truck.

And finally be prepared for some of your furniture to get some dings, dents, and scratches when moving – no matter how careful you and/or your movers are. Nobody’s perfect and it’s part of the “cost” of moving.

I know moving can be stressful, but you got this! You’ll be unpacked and relaxed in your new home in no time!