Moving Hack


We need to have a heart to heart. You see, you want to take EVERYTHING with you to your new house. Your grandma taught you “waste not, want not” and you don’t want to trash that half-full can of Comet cleaner – even though it was only 98 cents.

I get it. I’m right there with you.

But here’s the problem.

You only have so much space on the UHaul.

And not only is it costing you space, it’s also costing you time and money.

You can chunk all your “cheap stuff” in the garbage… or you can spend 20 minutes trying to make it all fit nice and neatly into a box.

It also means that that’s one more box for your movers to carry to and from the UHaul – and that costs money too.

When it comes to all the small, cheap stuff in your home, you have a decision to make when you move.

Is the cost of moving it worth it or would you rather chunk it?

For me, I’d rather toss it and save that extra time and money.

What would you choose?