Nobody talks about how emotional leaving your home can be.

Maybe you lived in your home for 7 years.

You were enjoying the soaking tub when you found out you landed your dream job.

Your kids took their first steps there. Lil’ Johnny lost his first tooth in the kitchen.

Sarah learned how to ride a bike… but not how to use the brakes.

Oh, the memories.

And so saying goodbye to the place that shaped you, transformed you, supported you… well.. it’s hard!

My encouragement to you is this…

Give yourself both permission and intentional time to grieve.

Every transition involves both loss and while you have so much hope for what’s around the corner, you need to give yourself permission to grieve what you’re leaving behind.

Let yourself feel it. Set aside 5 minutes every day or 30 minutes every week to process this transition.

It’s a big one, let me tell you.

And if you need someone to hold your hand through the journey, I’ll be by your side.