Mosquito Tips

I’m loving the warmer weather but do you know what we both probably hate? Mosquitos! Now while we can’t totally avoid these blood-sucking insects, there are a couple tricks of the trade you can do to lessen their impact in your backyard oasis.

🦟 Get rid of standing water. Regularly dump out and clean bird baths, fountains, dog bowls, watering cans, or anything else that can hold water. This is where mosquitos absolutely LOVE to breed.

🦟 Choose planters that have holes in the bottom. This allows excess water to drain out. This way, mosquitos can’t start breeding in the standing water at the top of the planter. You can also go the extra mile by just bringing your potted plants indoors.

🦟 Use a high-tech mosquito trap. It uses heat and scent to attract mosquitos. Once mosquitos get close, it uses a vacuum to draw them in and trap them.

🦟 Plant some basil. Basil leaves are toxic to bugs, so when mosquitos chow down on it, they die.

🦟 Sprinkle coffee grinds or garlic around your yard. This can be a great trick for keeping mosquitos at bay. However, do NOT do this if you have dogs. Coffee grinds and garlic are extremely toxic to dogs.

Tell me, do you have any insect-repelling secrets?