Make moving easier for your pets.

⚠ REAL ESTATE ALERT! ⚠ I know we all talk about how stressful moving can be. You’re trying to pack, move, unpack, and decorate… all while going to work, taking the kids to school & driving them to activities, and keeping some semblance of your normal life.

HOWEVER, moving can also be incredibly stressful for your dog. They have no idea why everything is going into big brown boxes or why it’s all disappearing from the house.

Here’s a couple tips to make the transition a little bit easier…

🐶 Prepare a doggy survival kit.
Grab a backpack and fill it with your dog’s food, toys, and comfort items. You’ll want to have enough supplies to last at least a few days, if not an entire week. Make sure your dog has his comfort item(s) with him at all times during the transition.

🐶 Keep your pup away from all the action.
On Moving Day, let your doggo hang out with a friend or go off to doggy daycare. At bare minimum, keep your dog separate from the doors and whatever room you’re loading into the UHaul. Trust me, you do NOT want the added stress of trying to catch Fido because he escaped while the movers had the front door open.

🐶 Update your pet’s microchip and other information.
Your dog doesn’t know the lay of the land around your new home & neighborhood. If he gets out, he won’t know how to find his way home. Make sure your dog’s collar tags and microchip are updated ASAP.

🐶 Introduce your dog to his new home slowly.
A new and unfamiliar space can be overwhelming. Establish a “home base” (like your bedroom) and then slowly give your pup access to one room at a time.

🐶 Stick to your routine as much as possible.
A lot has already changed for your dog. Don’t add to the stress by also radically switching up your schedule as well. Keep walks and feedings at the same time. And intentionally take the time to show Fido where you put his food bowl, water, and bedding.

You can’t fully eliminate the stress of moving for your dog, but you can make it easier! Your dog will thank you!