Maintenance Checklist


Can I tell you the truth? I forget to do home maintenance. Seriously, sometimes I get so busy between real estate, life, and everything in- between that I forget to put some elbow grease into my home.

And heck, even when I do, a few weeks later, there’s something else that needs my attention!

*womp womp*

But hey, homeownership is still a much better investment than renting, so at the beginning of each month, I’ll roll up my sleeves and get some work done on my home.

Here’s what I’d recommend doing this June…

👉 Update your first aid kit. Seriously, your Neosporin expired 7 years ago. Get some new stuff.
👉 Reorganize your kitchen. Buy yourself some new Tupperware while you’re at it.
👉 Dust everything. It’s still pollen season.
👉 Prune the shrubs and trees – especially around the A/C unit.
👉 Change smoke & CO2 detector batteries.
👉 Clean your porch, siding, and driveway.
👉 Replace the air filters.

Word on the street is that if you turn on your favorite music or put @TheHomeEdit on in the background, it makes cleaning a whole lot more fun. 😉