It's Tax Day!

Oof, it’s Tax Day. As an independent contractor, writing a big fat check to the government is not my favorite. However, if you’re a homeowner (or will be one soon), there’s a couple awesome tax deductions you can cash in on…

1️⃣ Mortgage interest
2️⃣ Property taxes
3️⃣ “Necessary” home improvements
4️⃣ Home office expenses
5️⃣ Private mortgage insurance
6️⃣ Capital gains

Now as a full disclaimer, I’m not a licensed tax preparer. I have TurboTax or a CPA do my taxes, and I’m certainly no expert.

However, if you’re a homeowner or soon-to-be homeowner, make sure you’ve talked to your tax preparer about making sure you’re getting as many tax deductions as possible.

Tell me, who does your taxes? TurboTax? HR Block? Or your own CPA?