PRO TIP: If you LOVE your central air conditioning, you have to take care of it. Once a year, get it serviced by a HVAC professional.

While it may cost you a couple bucks to get this done, it’s going to save you money in the long run.

1️⃣ Its efficiency will increase, helping you keep your power bills from going higher than the empire state.

2️⃣ Its lifespan will also increase, meaning you won’t have to replace your A/C unit for a long time.

You’ll likely also pay less for a routine service call than an emergency call.

My recommendation? Go ahead and get this done ASAP… and by ASAP, I mean TODAY. As temperatures continue to creep up, HVAC contractors get more and more calls for emergency work.

Get ahead of the game and get yourself on their books for getting your HVAC serviced and prevent your home from turning into a fiery furnace without air conditioning. 🥵