How To Find a Contractor

Eek! You’re now the proud new owner of a home. However, the house needs a lil’ bit of TLC. What do you do?

Your first option is to DIY your home renovations. However, if you don’t think your DIY skills are Pinterest-worthy, it’s probably worth money to hire a contractor.

⚠ THIS IS IMPORTANT: Hiring a good contractor can turn your dream into reality. Hiring a not-so-great contractor can result in a massive headache for you and your wallet.

Here’s a few tips for finding AMAZING contractors:
👷‍♀️ Ask your friends, family, & neighbors for recommendations.
👷‍♀️ Research all the recommendations, look at reviews, and check references.
👷‍♀️ Verify the contractor’s license & insured. While you’re at it, make sure they will pull any necessary permits.
👷‍♀️ Get everything in writing – from pricing to project descriptions and everything in-between.
👷‍♀️ Keep an eye on the job site & progress being made by the contractor(s).
👷‍♀️ Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor questions, especially if something seems off.

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