How to Downsize: A Simple Guide for Seniors


How to Downsize: A Simple Guide for Seniors

Downsizing is a wonderful way to simplify your life in your senior years. Whether you’re looking to move somewhere warmer, get rid of clutter, or reconnect with nature, moving into a smaller home can help you achieve the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. Of course, downsizing is no easy feat. There’s a lot to do and it can feel completely overwhelming before you even get started. Here are some great resources to help you stay organized!

Decide Where to Move

When it comes to downsizing, location is more important than the size of home you wind up buying.

• When choosing a place to spend your retirement, consider the cost of living, crime rate, amenities, and weather.

• Resources like Precision Realty can help you review the local housing market in different neighborhoods.

• Make sure you hire a real estate professional like Carriene Porter to help you find properties for sale in the area.

Consider Your Housing Options

Downsizers have many housing styles to choose from. Be sure to research all your options so you can find the housing type that best fits your lifestyle.

Tiny homes aren’t for everyone, but they’re easy to maintain, cheap, and convenient.

• A condo in the city might be a good fit if you want easy access to shops and services without the maintenance responsibilities that come with a house.

• You could even downsize into an RV and spend a few years traveling the continent!

Plan Your Move

Moving is always going to be stressful, no matter how much planning you do. Still, tackling a few tasks ahead of time will make your move a lot easier.

• Search for a moving service online and book your movers ASAP.

Change your address and transfer your utilities to your new home.

• Put together a moving kit of essentials with everything you will need during those first few days in your new home.

Declutter Your Stuff

The hardest part about downsizing is getting rid of stuff and trying to fit everything into a smaller space.

• When sorting through your clothes, try on everything you plan to keep. This will help you determine whether you’re really going to wear the clothes you’re holding onto.

• Try selling your unwanted items and using the money to decorate your new home.

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to refresh your life and move somewhere new. Take this chance to pare down your belongings, ditch the clutter, and take some weight off your shoulders. Moving into a smaller home can give you the freedom to live the retirement you want!