How to Choose the Right Paint Color


When you’re standing at Home Depot, all 50 shades of gray start to look the same after a while, don’t they?

You finally select one, buy a couple gallons, and start painting.

The next day, you wake up and realize the gray now looks green.

Wait, green?
No, surely it’s gray?
Uhhhh… maybe it actually looks blue?

What do you do?

Grab a piece of white poster board. Then head back to Home Depot. Pick your top 3 (or 4) colors and ask for them to mix you a sample size for you to purchase.

Paint each of these color shades onto your white poster board.

How do they look compared to the rest of the room?
How do they look in the morning? Midday? Evening?
What do they look like at different angles?
Which matches your furniture best?
How do they look in different lighting situations (if you’re using it in multiple rooms)?

Once you have a chance to see the colors at different times of days, in different lighting, next to your furniture, you can know which shade is going to look best in your space.

Anyone tried this before? Let me know about your favorite painting tips!

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