How to Buy a Home: Phase Two


It’s time for you to start house hunting! Steps 3 & 4 of the homebuying journey are all about finding the perfect home for you and putting in an offer.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you along the way…

👀 Search for homes that are at least a few thousand dollars below the top end of your budget. This means not looking at houses priced right at $300k when your max budget is $300k.

You’ll want to leave yourself some financial wiggle room so you can offer over-asking or cover any appraisal gap. This will also give you the ability to put down a larger down payment, cover repairs, and any other miscellaneous expenses that might pop up.

👀 When touring homes, focus on the things you cannot change. The location. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The layout.

You can repaint the walls, update the kitchen, put down new grass, and get hardwood floors AFTER you buy the house. And that 1980s furniture? It’s not coming with the house anyways.

👀 When putting in an offer, listen to your real estate agent. They’re the ones who are able to communicate with the listing agent to see what the homeowners are really looking for in an offer.

In a market like this one, you also don’t want to “wait and see” or dilly-dally when it comes to putting in an offer. You’ll have to make a decision quick, or you may lose your opportunity to grab up that house.

I know you’ve probably heard reporters on the news or friends online talk about how difficult the market is right now.

To an extent, they’re right. The market is tough.

However, with the right strategy and the right real estate agent, you’ll find a home you love AND get your offer accepted.

What happens after that? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!