How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Buyers Agent?


Imagine having someone on your team who can support you through one of the biggest transactions of your lifetime.

Now what if that someone didn’t cost a pretty penny?

When you are buying a home, having a buyer’s agent costs you absolutely nothing.

Seriously, you get all my awesomeness free of charge.

Generally speaking, my commission comes from the person selling the house you buy, not you.

Plus, here’s a few of the other “side effects” you get when you hire me as your buyer’s agent…

🏠 A powerful negotiator
🏠 Network connections throughout the industry to help you find the perfect home
🏠 A detective to search out the exact home you’re looking for
🏠 Someone who knows what to look for (both good and bad) when viewing a house
🏠 A coordinator for home showings
🏠 A contract writer

Sound amazing? If you’re looking at buying a home, send me a message!

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