Homeownership Expenses


WARNING: You’ll ALWAYS have homeownership expenses, even after you’ve paid off your mortgage.

Here’s some homeownership bills you’ll want to be prepared for…
🏠 Utilities. Even if you drink well water and have solar panels, you’ll still be paying for Internet.

🏠 Property taxes. The amount you pay depends on the property value and where your home is located. Each state & city has a different tax rate.

🏠 Maintenance. Your home will pretty much always need some TLC in order to keep it in good condition.

🏠 Homeowners insurance. You’ll be able to choose your level of coverage, but you want to make sure that if/when disaster strikes, you won’t be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars.

Truth be told, homeownership can be expensive. However, owning your home instead of renting it allows you to have assets and build wealth.

Tell me, what’s one homeownership expense you weren’t prepared for?