Homeowner, Don't Get Blindsided By Your Own Home!


Do you know what’s wrong with your home? No, really! I know you know about the leaky faucet and the door that squeaks, but what about all the other issues?

The slipped shingle. The window that you never open that has a crack. The crumbling foundation. The wildlife in the crawlspace. The lack of insulation in the attic.

It’s easy to think that your home is in better condition than it actually is.
This is especially when you’ve been living in your house for awhile and have gotten used to all of its…well… quirks.

Getting a pre-sale home inspection will provide you with a much-needed reality check about the condition of your home. This way, you can get ahead of potential problems and squash the need for post-inspection negotiations with your buyers.

When you share the results of the pre-sale inspection with potential buyers, it also shows that you have nothing to hide and potentially make your home more attractive than other properties on the market.

The results of the pre-sale home inspection and what you decide to repair (or not) can also help you determine which buyer offers are best to accept and won’t involve lots of negotiating or repair requests.

This means that you’ll potentially able to get a better price and terms on your home sale!

Thinking about getting a pre-sale home inspection? Send me a DM, and I’ll connect you with a few amazing home inspectors!