Homebuyer Tips


You’ve made the big decision to buy your first house! You’re not ready to buy quite yet, but you know it’s in your future in the next year or two.

Here’s what to do between now and then…

✔ Avoid radically changing your career situation. No switching industries or taking a pay cut, okay?

✔ Save for a down payment. The more you can save now, the better off you’ll be. Now you don’t have to put all this money towards a down payment. Some of it will go towards closing costs. And if you play it right, you *should* have some money remaining for repairs, maintenance, and/or any upgrades you want.

✔ Make a list of wants vs needs. Let’s be honest, what you WANT may not be what you absolutely MUST have.

✔ Pay your bills on time. Even paying just one bill late can hurt your credit score, and you want to have the highest credit score possible when applying for your first mortgage.

Thinking about buying in the next year or two? Let’s make sure we set you up for real estate success.