Home Inspection


GOOD NEWS! The sellers accepted your offer, contingent upon the results of the home inspection!

Now before you get too excited, let me be realistic with you.

Before you continue on this real estate journey, you need to know EXACTLY what you’re getting into with this house you’ve put under contract.

Sure, the home looked (and smelled) great when you walked through it, but it’s very easy for issues to be hidden when you’re just touring a property.

After all, I doubt you even checked to make sure all the sinks & faucets were working perfectly while you were there.

(Yup, BUSTED!)

This is why you need a home inspection.

Most importantly, you need a great home inspector.

Why? A bad home inspector may miss problems that could make or break the sale. A good home inspector will point out every little detail of the home – good and bad – so you have the most information possible.

The more information you have, the more informed decision you can make about whether or not to continue with the sale process.

Here’s a couple questions you should ask an inspector before hiring them…

📄 What are your qualifications & experience?
📄 Are you bonded and insured?
📄 What is or is not included in the inspection? (it may not include coverage for pests or hazardous materials like lead, asbestos, radon, or mold).
📄 Could you provide a sample home inspection report?
📄 How much does a home inspection cost?
📄 Can I go to the inspection with you? (It’s a red flag if they say no.)

Just like you can talk to multiple lenders, you can also talk to multiple inspectors. Get recommendations from friends & neighbors, and then find one you can trust.

The inspection is too important to settle for a “meh” inspector.

And if you need help finding an inspector that even HOA Karen trusts, send me a message and I’ll connect you with a few!