Home Buyer Alert


When you’re buying a house, you KNOW to look not just at the house but at the neighborhood and area as well.

However, when we do this, we tend to only think about things like the proximity to grocery stores, entertainment districts, and schools.

When we do this, we miss some really big, really important questions.

❓ Is the subdivision engrained within other neighborhoods, or do development companies have the ability to put a gas station, warehouse, hospital, etc right across the street from the entrance to the subdivision?

❓ If and when traffic increases on the road the subdivision is built off of, will I still be able to easily get out of my neighborhood and will I start hearing traffic from the road from my house?

❓ Is the overall quality, safety, and economic opportunity of the area increasing, decreasing, or staying the same?

❓ What does zoning look like for the areas around the home? What’s the city’s 5-10 year plan?

Now before we venture any further, let me wave a BIG RED FLAG. Zoning and city plans can change – very quickly and very easily. In fact, generally speaking, there’s no real requirement for cities to follow their 5-10 year plan that they submit to the state.

When you buy a house, you’re not just committing to the house. You’re also committing yourself to neighborhood, city, greater area, and state.

Make sure you make the right choice…