For Sale By Owner


You can’t make this up! While I’m all for the DIY Pinterest projects, one project I don’t recommend is buying or selling a home alone.


A lot of reasons!

For starters, you don’t have access to as much real estate data as REALTORS do. This makes your home harder to price. Underprice your home and you’ll leave money on the table. Overprice it, and nobody will buy it.

When it comes to showcasing your home, you can absolutely DIY your staging… but unless you have The Home Edit or Joanna Gaines’ phone number, it’s probably not going to look buyer-ready.

Then come the tours. Oh so many home tours! Do you really want to have to go back and forth with buyers’ agents to schedule all these? You shouldn’t really be home for them anyways…

Okay, the offers are in! How do you know which one is the best one for you & your circumstances? Do you just take the highest offer? Maybe choose the one with the best terms? And when it comes to negotiating, you have no idea what to say to get what you want.

Next comes escrow – the time between when your home goes under contract and Closing Day. Yes, you could absolutely write a contract yourself, but friend, you are taking on a LOT of liability when you do that. And last time I checked, you probably didn’t go to law school.

Don’t forget about the headache of navigating the inspection, appraisal, repair requests, more negotiations, the title company, and everything in between… on top of working fulltime, packing, and taking care of the family!

Phew, that’s a LOT of stuff to conquer by yourself.

So here’s my offer.

Let me save you some time, energy, and money.

I’ll help you buy and sell your home.

It’s an offer you can’t refuse, and saying yes is a decision you won’t regret!