You’ve heard you need to declutter your house before you list it for sale, right?
Okay, great. So what does that mean and how the heck do you actually do that?

First of all, decluttering your home doesn’t mean you don’t have to get rid of all your stuff – or even half your stuff. It’s literally just you getting rid of (aka donating or selling) things that are just taking up space.

For instance, a few Christmases ago, your “quirky” aunt gave you a very itchy sweater. You wore it once and then swore you’d never wear it ever again. Yet, for some reason, it is still in your closet.

It holds no sentimental value for you. It has no purpose, since you’re never going to wear it. And it’s just taking up space at this point.

No offense to Aunt Allison, but that sweater is clutter, and it’s time to get rid of it.

When you declutter your home, it will feel more open and airy – which is a big plus to you, your guests, and potential buyers.

Here’s a couple tips to help you with the decluttering process…
👉 If you haven’t worn it, used it, or read it in 2 years, get rid of it.
👉 If you don’t enjoy wearing it, get rid of it. (Real talk, panty hose are so 2007.)
👉 If it’s broken, get rid of it. Yes, even if you swear you’ll fix it “eventually.”
👉 If you’re shocked that you somehow own this item and haven’t seen it since… well.. forever, you clearly don’t need or like it, so get rid of it!

Don’t wait until “Spring Cleaning” or the “Fall Cleanout” to start decluttering your home. Get started this weekend!