Cleaning Tips


Can I confess something to you? Keeping your home clean 24/7/365 is HARD! As soon as you FINALLY get your home clean, the dishes start piling up, you notice the dust on the shelf, and the floors need cleaning.

How in the world are you EVER going to keep your home clean?

My recommendation? Try to conquer 2 15-minute cleaning projects every day.

Here’s a few 15-minute projects around the house that can help you keep your sanity…

👉 Clean one bathroom.

👉 Go through a mail or paper pile.

👉 Vacuum couches, chairs, and floors.

👉 Load and/or empty the dishwasher.

👉 Clean the sinks & toilets.

👉 Sweep/mop floors.

👉 Wipe down and/or dust all flat surfaces.

👉 Pick up the floors.

👉 Clean out the utensil drawer.

👉 Start a load of laundry or sort/fold a clean load.

Instead of trying to do all your cleaning at once, breaking it down into smaller tasks can make it feel 10x easier and more manageable.