Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and while I could tell you that I’m NACHO average real estate agent, I want to use today for something a little more important.

You see, minority-owned businesses often get overlooked – yet they have some of the best products and services in town.

So today, rather than me telling you that we should TACO ’bout real estate or how happiness is eating tacos in your dream home, let’s do something different.

Here’s 5 ways to support Hispanic-owned local businesses…
🌮 Buy their products and/or services. Bonus points if margaritas are involved.
🌮 Grab a gift card to give to a friend who doesn’t know about them.
🌮 Share their posts on social media.
🌮 Refer friends & family to them.
🌮 Write them a glowing review on FB, Google, and Yelp.

Tell me, what’s your favorite Hispanic-owned local business?