Buying and Selling Team


I can’t believe I’m having to say this.

All real estate professionals should be on YOUR team and working FOR you, not the other way around

No, I’m not just talking about real estate agents.

I mean REALTORS, lenders, attorneys, title company representatives, contractors, etc.

These professionals are not your new bosses.


They’re here to support your needs and desires.

If someone treats you badly…
If someone makes you feel like you’re just another number to them…
If someone is trying to get you to make moves or decisions you’re not willing or ready to make…

🛑 STOP! 🛑

Set boundaries.

Put down some ground rules.

Fire the professional.

This is YOUR transaction.
This is YOUR home.
This is YOUR life.
Take control of it.

You deserve a team of real estate professionals who are supporting your real estate dreams, not trying to build theirs at the expense of yours.

If you need help creating a team of real estate professionals for your next transaction, send me a message. I know some people who may be perfect for you… 😉