Buyer Mindset

Oh no! The house you wanted just went under contract… and not with your offer.

I joke that real estate agents often double as therapists. So let’s sit down and talk about what happened.

You found your dream house. It’s gorgeous. It has everything your ever needed and wanted. It’s like you manifested your Pinterest boards in real life.

And then it happened.

Your agent got the call.

“We’ve accepted another offer.”

*cue the alligator tears*

It sucks. It’s like a breakup you weren’t prepared for. You’re heartbroken.

And while I’ll be there for you while you wallow in the bed after that call, let’s look at the situation.

🔑 There’s nothing more you could’ve done, AND you made a wise decision to not offer more than you could afford – or waive contingencies you would later regret.

🔑 There also wasn’t a guarantee that you’d be able to close on the house. What if you had gotten your hopes up only to find out during the inspection that the house had major problems? You’d be even more disappointed than you are now.

🔑 There are new houses hitting the market every day. Your next dream house is right around the corner. And who knows, it could be even better than the house you lost out on.

Debating on whether or not to buy in this crazy market? Let’s talk about it!