Buyer Consultation

You may have heard the phrase “let’s have a buyer consultation” before. Okay, so what does that actually mean?
One of the first steps of the buying journey is having a buyer consultation.

In a buyer consultation, we’re going really deep dive into your wants and needs.

👉 What are you looking for? I’m talking bedrooms, bathrooms, yard, garage, pool, and more. If you don’t have all the answers, that’s okay! We’ll work through that together.

👉 What are the numbers? The last thing you want to do is overpay for your new house.

👉 What neighborhoods do you like? We’ll look at your lifestyle and discuss neighborhoods to zero in on areas that you’d absolutely love to call home.

👉 What is your timeline? Are you looking to buy tomorrow or do you have a few weeks or months to find your next dream home?

Truth be told, our time together is more than a boring old consultation. It’s an opportunity for you to create and share your vision of your next home and new lifestyle.

Ready to schedule a buyer consultation? Send me a message!