5 Upgrades Your Puppy will Love

How many of you have a dog? Over 1/3 of homeowners have a dog. If you’re all about spoiling your new lil’ pup, here are a couple home updates you can make to turn your home into a PAWfect place for a furry best friend.

🐶 Put up a puppy-gate to keep your dog OUT of the kitchen. The last thing you want is them getting spilled food, jumping on the counter to taste-test dinner, or getting burned by the oven.

🐶 Install a fence so your dog can have some freedom. Your dog has a LOT of energy, and being on a leash 24/7 isn’t fun. Plus, having a fence means you can stay dry while your dog goes outdoors to use the bathroom.

🐶 Upgrade your security system, so you can talk to your dog while you’re gone. Don’t be surprised if it freaks your dog out the first time.

🐶 Get a doggy door (once they get older). This is especially great if you’re gone for long periods of time.

🐶 Add a doggy bath station to your mudroom. I promise, this will make cleaning up your dog after he rolls around in the mud so much easier!

Tell me, what upgrades have you made to your home to make it more pup-friendly?