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One Reason I Love Real Estate


One of the things I love about real estate is that it’s an asset that can be leveraged to build wealth. As you build a real estate portfolio or build your wealth through real estate, it opens more doors for you to invest into the next generation.

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Tax Refund


Are you one of the lucky few people who got a tax refund this year? If you filed your taxes electronically, you probably have gotten that oh-so-glorious tax refund. *cue confetti* Now the question is, what do you do with it?

Here’s a few ways to use that extra money…


💰 Grow your down payment fund.
💰 Pay for your home inspection
💰 Cover any difference between the sale price & appraisal price
💰 Save for closing costs

💰 Make repairs – especially ones that could make or break the sale of your home
💰 Make minor upgrades that have big ROIs
💰 Save for your next home

If you’re planning on putting your tax refund into savings, make sure it’s going into an ...

Weekend Plans


Tell me in the comments, what are you doing this weekend?

Real Estate Q&A

OMG YOU GUYS! I have to tell you, the other day, I was talking to someone who wanted to buy a house but didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to put down on a house. Then I told them the news. ❗ Depending on your mortgage type, you may only need 3% down to buy a house❗ A 20% down payment on a $300k house is $60k. That’s a LOT! However, 3% down is only $9k. Much better, right? If this is piquing your curiosity about homebuying, send me a message! I’d love to answer any questions you have!

What is your Favorite Local Attraction?

It’s National Tourism Day, and while I’m all for taking a trip to Europe or somewhere exciting, there’s also still so much to do locally! What’s your favorite local attraction?

Décor Hack

You’ve been living in your house for quite some time, haven’t you? After a while, you’re ready for a change but you don’t know exactly what to do? New furniture is way out of budget, and you’re not ready to buy a new house.

Never fear, your solution is here!


Whether you’re painting furniture, the walls, or something else, a couple buckets of paint from Lowe’s can radically transform your space.

Here’s a few ways to do that…

🎨 Repaint your walls
Your walls get dirty, faded, and banged up over time. Add a new coat of paint to liven up your space.

🎨 Choose white or gray neutral colors.
Décor styles and paint color trends change over time. Right now, whites and grays are all the rage. Neutral c...

Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and while I could tell you that I’m NACHO average real estate agent, I want to use today for something a little more important.

You see, minority-owned businesses often get overlooked – yet they have some of the best products and services in town.

So today, rather than me telling you that we should TACO ’bout real estate or how happiness is eating tacos in your dream home, let’s do something different.

Here’s 5 ways to support Hispanic-owned local businesses…
🌮 Buy their products and/or services. Bonus points if margaritas are involved.
🌮 Grab a gift card to give to a friend who doesn’t know about them.
🌮 Share their posts on social media.
🌮 Refer friends & family to them.

May the Fourth

Have you heard the news? Houses are flying off the market faster than the speed of light!

This means that it can often look like there are hardly any houses on the market.

And yes, inventory is low but a big part of the current “real estate scarcity problem” is simply that houses are going on the market and then under contract faster than ever before.

How does this affect you? If you’re currently house hunting across the galaxy, you’ll want to be ready to write an offer as soon as you tour a house. No dilly-dallying or “waiting and seeing.”

You have to make your move fast if you want to have a chance of getting your offer accepted.

May the Fourth be with you…

Happy Teachers Day

Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of teachers in my life, and no, I’m not talking about my 3rd grade math teacher or that mean ol’ teacher who made me cry once. I’m talking about the people who…

⭐ coach me on new skills that make us better
⭐ teach me new, better ways of living
⭐ inspire me to be a better human & real estate agent
⭐ show me what’s possible for our own lives

I bet you can think of a few people who have done one of those things for you.

Tell me in the comments, who is one teacher you’ve had in your life that you won’t forget?