Real Estate Today 

For Sale By Owner


Can I let you in on a little secret? Houses are staying on the market for more than 48 hours. Yup, that’s right. They’re not flying off the MLS the way they were a few months ago.

Houses are now sitting on the market for days and weeks, as the homeowners wait anxiously for offers.

And YES, this is with having a real estate professional listing and marketing their home.

So if you’re thinking you can throw a For Sale sign from Home Depot up on your yard and sell your home alone, you’re probably mistaken.

To sell your home in this market, you need your home marketing plan should include…

🏠 Listing it on the MLS so all local agents and their buyers will see it
🏠 Putti...

Truck Rentals


⚠ WARNING: Renting a moving truck can be an absolute PITA! ⚠ Allow me to give you the scoop…

You schedule a rental truck online for the date and time you’re going to move. Heck, the website even lets you choose where you get to pick it up from, right?

❌ WRONG! ❌

All that information is just your preferences. You may or may not get that date, time, pickup location.

Moving companies will use their algorithms to figure out how close they can get you to the “specs” you want.

Maybe you get the date and time you want but the pickup location is 20 miles away.

Perhaps you get the pick location and date but the pickup time is 7 hours after the movers arrive. 🤦‍♀️

And as an add...

Transition Food


Can I let you in on a little secret? I know you’re all about eating healthy and homecooked meals. However, at some point, you have to actually pack up your kitchen stuff. Your pots and pans. Your plates and bowls. Your forks and knives and glasses.

And now you have nothing to cook or eat with…

…but yet you have another few days before you move into your new home and have time to pack.

*womp womp*

For better or for worse, this is where all the fast food and restaurant takeout comes in.

Now I bet you don’t want to be eating off the dollar menu at McDonald’s for the next couple of days, right?


You want Subway and Olive Garden and Dominos and the little BBQ joint...

Moving Tip


Did you know there are some things that even professional movers won’t move for you?

Here’s a couple things that moving companies may not be willing to move…

⭐ Perishable food
⭐ Family heirlooms & high-value items
⭐ Plants, lawn equipment & grill supplies
⭐ Your baby grand piano that hasn’t been touched in 2 years
⭐ Fireworks, firearms, & ammo
⭐ Anything that’s flammable and/or considered hazardous
⭐ Pets

Basically, anything that could be a serious or significant liability is something that movers won’t move.

For these items, you’ll want to throw them (carefully!) into the back of your minivan or SUV and take them to your new home on your own.