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The Details Matter


They say that the devil is in the details, and whether you’re having friends over or potential buyers over, you want your home to look and feel amazing, right?

If you have a few minutes before your next home tour or before your friends arrive, here’s a couple last minute tips and tricks to make your home stand out…

Empty the trash and close the shower curtain ALL the way. Then wipe down AND dry the countertop and faucet. Make sure there’s toilet paper (torn neatly) and soap in the dispenser as well.

Plump the pillows, hide any phone/laptop chargers, turn on all the lights, and open the blinds. Go ahead and remove any of the day’s clutter (mail, ...

Gearing Up For Summer


Summer is right around the corner. As school lets out for the summer, let’s get your home in tip-top shape!

Pantry – Get rid of anything that is expired. Then chuck those granola bars you keep buying but never actually eat!

The Paper Pile – Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! Somewhere in your house, you have a pile of papers that you *need* to sort through and deal with but have yet to do so.

Closet – I love your idealism, but if it doesn’t fit, go ahead and get rid of it! If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, it can go too! For all your accessories, invest in some organization. This could be storage bins, over-the-door organizers, or something else!...

Sellers Tip


Want to know what one of the BIGGEST pains of adulthood is? Doing the dishes.
Seriously, the moment you finish washing all of them, a few hours later, there’s a whole new stack of dirty dishes!

It’s a vicious cycle that never ends!

Now sometimes, dishes can pile up and it’s not the end of the world.

However, if you’re having company over or maybe buyers or coming to tour your home 24/7, the last thing you want is having dirty dishes in the sink.

My recommendation? During times like these, go with paper plates that you can throw straight into the trash.

I promise, it’ll make life so much easier.

Tell me, when it comes to plates, are you Team Paper or Team Ceramic? Let...