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When you’re buying a house, you KNOW to look not just at the house but at the neighborhood and area as well.

However, when we do this, we tend to only think about things like the proximity to grocery stores, entertainment districts, and schools.

When we do this, we miss some really big, really important questions.

❓ Is the subdivision engrained within other neighborhoods, or do development companies have the ability to put a gas station, warehouse, hospital, etc right across the street from the entrance to the subdivision?

❓ If and when traffic increases on the road the subdivision is built off of, will I still be able to easily get out of my neighborhood and will I start hearing traffic ...



Phew! You did it! You bought your first house. You paid the down payment, closing costs, first mortgage payment, HOA dues, and utility bills.

Then it happens.

Something breaks.

And suddenly, you’re shelling out a few hundred (or thousand) more dollars on your home.

Here’s the deal, friend.

Your home is not made of diamonds or bubble wrap. Things are going to happen. Heck, sometimes things may even go terribly, disastrously wrong.

And it’s going to cost you some money.

Yup, that’s right. While homeownership is generally more affordable than throwing fistfuls of cash at a landlord, it’s still going to cost you something. It may even feel expensive at times.

So what do yo...

Selfie Day


PSA: You’re allowed to post unfiltered selfies. Social media doesn’t have to be reality television.

Buying and Selling


You’ve been thinking about selling your house, right? You want to cash in on that equity, but you have no idea how to buy and sell in this crazy market.
Let me give you the 4️⃣1️⃣1️⃣

You can either buy first or sell first.

If you buy and move into your new house first, it can make life a lot easier. No temporary storage units. No crashing on a family member’s couch.

However, getting a mortgage for your new home can be a little tricky if you haven’t paid off the mortgage of your first (aka current) home.

Getting a mortgage will be easier, since you won’t be getting what looks like a second mortgage. However, you may need to couch surf a little between th...



Nobody talks about how emotional leaving your home can be.

Maybe you lived in your home for 7 years.

You were enjoying the soaking tub when you found out you landed your dream job.

Your kids took their first steps there. Lil’ Johnny lost his first tooth in the kitchen.

Sarah learned how to ride a bike… but not how to use the brakes.

Oh, the memories.

And so saying goodbye to the place that shaped you, transformed you, supported you… well.. it’s hard!

My encouragement to you is this…

Give yourself both permission and intentional time to grieve.

Every transition involves both loss and while you have so much hope for what’s around the corner, you need to give your...

Seller Tip


You hear a knock on the door before the key turns in the lock…

Oh no! You completely forgot a REALTOR was coming by with potential buyers.

But no worries, you prepared a go-bag for when you need to get out of the house for home tours.

You call for the kids to come put on their shoes, scoop up Fido, grab your go-bag, and 30 seconds later, you’re out of the way of the real estate agent and potential buyers.

Friends, here’s the scoop.

When your house is on the market, you could have home tours at any minute.
During normal waking hours, you should be prepared to leave the house at any moment to give buyers some privacy as they tour your home.

Seriously, it’s kinda awkward for ...

Moving Tips


Do you want to know something nobody tells you about selling your house? It takes WAY LONGER to pack than you think.

Seriously, start packing a month – or even two – before you think you need to.

Here’s why…

1️⃣ You have way more stuff than you realize.

2️⃣ Your packing will be interrupted by home tours.

3️⃣ Life, work, family, etc will get in the way.

4️⃣ You’ll accidentally pack that one item you really need & end up having to unpack 3 boxes to find that thing.

5️⃣ Did I mention how much stuff you have?

Start packing BEFORE your home hits the market. The more stuff you can get out of the way, the better. And I promise, it’ll also help you save your sanity. 😉

Home Renovations


You’ve heard that you should renovate and upgrade your home before you put your house on the market. Renovated apartments rent for more than classic ones, so your upgraded home should sell for more too, right?


While there are some upgrades you should make – like minor kitchen upgrades – you don’t need to go crazy with upgrading everything in your home.

If you’re going to put in the elbow grease (and hard, cold cash) to make some renovations, you want upgrades that bring you the highest ROI.

These 4 home improvement projects are ones you should AVOID, especially if you’re considering selling your house anytime soon…

1️⃣ Swimming pools
Pool upkeep is...