Home Buying Process

Sorry friend, HGTV sold you the lie that homebuying is easy. Your REALTOR will show you 3 houses and you’ll fall madly in love with one of them. You’ll place an offer that will be immediately accepted. Negotiations will be easy. The inspection will be good, and the house will appraise perfectly. Pop the champagne because it’s Closing Day!


Quite frankly, the current real estate market for buyers can be difficult. Housing prices are increasing, and houses are getting multiple offers.

It can be rough out there. (And that’s why we pull out the 🥊 boxing gloves for our clients!)

Here’s a couple things we like to tell our clients…

🏠 Everybody has different circumstances. The 3-bedroom house you’re looking for is likely going to be a lot easier to find than the 4+ bedroom house John is looking for. However, getting your offer accepted with 3 contingencies is going to be a lot harder than Sarah’s all-cash and over-asking offer. Don’t listen to what the media or neighbors are saying. Listen to the *real* real estate experts who know your situation.

🏠 Patience & perseverance are key. Finding the perfect home feels a lot more like a marathon than a sprint right now. It’s going to take some time. It’s okay to need to take a weekend break from house hunting if you feel like you need to.

🏠 This journey probably isn’t going to be perfect. You may have to make some compromises in what you want in your house. Your offer may get rejected. The inspection could go badly. The house may not appraise at the price you want. This is reality, not reality TV. Have some faith, your home is right around the corner.

🏠 Your therapist is just an appointment away. There’s a punching bag at the gym. My shoulder is really good for crying on.

Being a homebuyer can be hard right now, I’m not going to lie. However, with a right real estate agent at your side, you’ll soon have a new Home Sweet Home.

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