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Home Quirks


Did you know that seemingly insignificant home problems can absolutely SABOTAGE the sale of your home?

🏠 Fix the jiggly doorknob.
🏠 Get rid of the weird smell that occasionally comes out of the laundry room.
🏠 Put some WD-40 on door that squeaks.
🏠 Replace that porch step that you always trip over.

After you live in a home for years and years, the small annoyances and issues get overlooked.

You just get used to all those special “quirks” your home has.

However, to potential buyers, those “quirks” are issues and problems.

Now here’s the deal, you need someone who can find these quirks, since you rarely notice them.

So here’s what we’ll do. I’ll walk...

Book Lovers Day


BOOKLOVERS! I see you with your stacks upon stacks of books. You ran out of shelving and now all your books are double-stacked. And let’s agree not to talk about the 3 piles of books in the corner, okay?

Now I’m not here to judge your taste in books. You do you. HOWEVER, I do have a little question for you.

What PERCENT of the books you own have you actually read?

Worst Movie Ever Made


We all have those movies where the credits roll, you wonder what the heck you just watched. You wish you could get those 97 minutes back of your life back but you can’t. Tell me, what movie should I AVOID at all costs?

A Few of My Favorite Things


I have a confession! 👇

I absolutely LOVE working in the magical world of real estate.

Here’s a few of my favorite things…
*cue Julie Andrews & Sound of Music*

The ability to help take away the stress and overwhelm that first-time homebuyers often feel
A flexible schedule with as many vacation/sick days as I need/want
That moment when my buyers light up at a house that is perfect for them
The text I get to send when my sellers get yet another offer over asking price
Seeing the tangible payoff of the work that I put in

Real talk, real estate is my passion.

What’s your passion?

Monthly Challenge


It’s easy to get into routines. We do the same things over and over again until something forces us to change.

We drive the same routes.
We go to the same grocery stores.
We watch the same shows.
We eat at the same restaurants.

Truth be told, we get into the habits, and while habits aren’t bad, we do begin to lose our sense of mystery and adventure.

And we need adventure in our lives.

(Yes, even you Ms. Homebody!)

So my challenge for you this month is to do something you’ve never done before.

Ready, set, go!

Lifestyle Question


Go skydiving? Drink hot beer? Go skinny dipping? Buy a boat? Rent an apartment instead of buying a condo? What’s one thing you’ve done and have sworn you’ll never ever do again?

Packing Hack


Can I let you in on a little secret? Moving boxes get heavy FAST! I know, I know. You got the large sized boxes from Lowes with the intention of packing it with lightweight items like sheets and towels. After all, how heavy can laundry get?

HEAVY! Even your “lightweight” items can get heavy when packed together in big moving boxes.

When choosing your moving boxes, error on the small side. This is especially true when you’re packing paper items like books and office supplies.

As you pack each box, pick it up a few times. When it starts to get heavy, STOP! Fill the rest of the box with air pillows, bubble wrap, or something similar.

If you do end up with a few heavy boxes, m...

World Emoji Day


Describe your life in 3 emojis. Ready, set, go! #WorldEmojiDay

Amazon Prime Day


You LOVE shopping local, but you also have a love-hate relationship with that Add To Cart button on Amazon, right?

I’m about all things local AND convenient, so here’s my challenge for you…

Every time you buy something from Amazon, you either buy something from a local business as well or give a few dollars to a local nonprofit.

Tell me, what’s the best thing you’ve ever bought from Amazon?

Moving Hack


We need to have a heart to heart. You see, you want to take EVERYTHING with you to your new house. Your grandma taught you “waste not, want not” and you don’t want to trash that half-full can of Comet cleaner – even though it was only 98 cents.

I get it. I’m right there with you.

But here’s the problem.

You only have so much space on the UHaul.

And not only is it costing you space, it’s also costing you time and money.

You can chunk all your “cheap stuff” in the garbage… or you can spend 20 minutes trying to make it all fit nice and neatly into a box.

It also means that that’s one more box for your movers to carry to and from the ...