Real Estate Today 

For Sale By Owner


Can I let you in on a little secret? Houses are staying on the market for more than 48 hours. Yup, that’s right. They’re not flying off the MLS the way they were a few months ago.

Houses are now sitting on the market for days and weeks, as the homeowners wait anxiously for offers.

And YES, this is with having a real estate professional listing and marketing their home.

So if you’re thinking you can throw a For Sale sign from Home Depot up on your yard and sell your home alone, you’re probably mistaken.

To sell your home in this market, you need your home marketing plan should include…

🏠 Listing it on the MLS so all local agents and their buyers will see it
🏠 Putti...

Seller Tip


Do you know WHY real estate agents say you should pack anything that’s smaller than a grapefruit or baseball BEFORE listing your home?

There’s actually two REALLY important reasons for this…

1️⃣ Small items create clutter FAST. Clutter makes your home feels smaller & messier, which is a turn-off to potential buyers.

2️⃣ It protects your possessions from “wandering fingers.” Quite frankly, potential buyers walking through your home probably haven’t been background checked.

Now let me offer you a piece of free advice.

Lean in close…

When you’re packing up your small things, use SMALL boxes. Big boxes full of small items mean heavy boxes that lack an...

Focus on the Stair


The real estate journey can feel pretty overwhelming, right? There’s so many parts and moving pieces…

Oh and if something goes wrong, it could cost you thousands of dollars. You’re ready to buy or sell a house but trying to figure out how to make that happen? Well, it feels stressful!

Don’t worry. That’s what you have me there for.

I’ll help you climb that staircase, scale that mountain, one step at a time.

Home Pricing


You want to get the most money for your home, right?

Now you’re smart so you know there’s probably going to be some negotiation between getting offers and accepting one of them.

So naturally, your instinct is to price it a little high and then meet in the middle with the buyer, right?

While this may be great when haggling at a market, it’s not a strategy you want to use when selling real estate.

Let’s say the ACTUAL value of your home is $400k.

You price it at $410k. However, you’re willing to accept as low as $395k.

Well, the perfect buyers for your home are in the market for a new home.

Yours is perfect.

However, the top of their budget is $400k.

Since your home was o...

Closing Day


Glass of wine. Dinner at a nice restaurant. A night of Netflix and chill? Which would you choose?

Home Staging


You know you need to stage your home to get the most money for your home. Yet you have no idea how to make your home look like something out of Better Homes & Garden Magazine.

Don’t worry, I have your back.

Here’s your starting point…

1️⃣ Use solids & neutrals instead of bold patterns & colors.
2️⃣ Use white linens for the bedrooms and bathrooms.
3️⃣ Grab a new doormat for the front door.
4️⃣ Pack as much as you can in advance & put it in storage.
5️⃣ Add extra lighting in darker rooms.

If you need some help preparing your home for market, send me a message. I can share all my tips and tricks to help you get to most money for your home.

Hire Movers


Are you the type of person who loves to “take care of business” on their own? Toilet backed up? Not a problem. Need to cut down a tree? You grab a chainsaw, climbing shoes, and ropes and get to work. Repaint the wall and lay down hardwood floors? Done and done!

Look at you go! In fact, I’m a little bit envious of your can-do spirit.

However, if you are over the age of 30, I want to share with you a word of caution when it comes to packing and moving.

You’re not as young as you think you are.

Your knees do NOT need to be doing all that bending and lifting of boxes all day long.

Your friends also don’t want to come help you for a few cold beers and Little Caesar&...

Seller Tip


I hear you, you’re a DIY master, so why in the world would you use a professional to sell your home?

Let me walk you through some of the benefits…

1. Your home will get priced perfectly to get the best possible offers on your home.

2. You’ll have better showings of your home, since agents know exactly what their clients want.

3. Your house will get WAY more exposure to potential buyers. There will be no potential buyer who doesn’t see your home.

4. You’ll have an experienced negotiator on your team. Seriously, even the CIA negotiations division has tried to recruit me.

Oh, and that’s just the beginning!

Want someone guiding you through the entire real estate jo...

Moving Trucks


Do you know how DISGUSTING rental moving trucks are?
While rental trucks are *supposed* to be clean, what you *actually* get when you rent a moving truck is another story.

Be prepared to find…
🤢 Used paper towels
🤢 Bug cemeteries
🤢 Dirty latex gloves
🤢 High levels of bacteria
🤢 Nails & screws on the floors

… and that’s just the beginning.

However, you STILL need to move, right? And you can’t just throw everything you own in the back of your mini-van.

So I have a couple recommendations for you…
1️⃣ Sweep out your moving truck before loading it.
2️⃣ Protect items you care about with moving blankets.
3️⃣ Get mattress bags for your mattresses. You can also use BIG plast...



Ummm hi! It’s your neighborhood real estate agent jumping in to remind you that the little blue home estimate that Zillow gives you isn’t accurate.

🚩 Zillow has even come out and said that their Zestimates aren’t correct. 🚩

Zillow uses algorithms to determine your house price. It looks at all the local market activity and house specifications to come up with a number that your house may (or may not) be worth.

This means that if a nearby house for sale is WAYYYY overpriced, the algorithms show you a higher number than YOUR home is actually worth.

If a nearby house sells for really low, it could show you a lower home value on YOUR home.

Zillow also doesn’t know abou...